Your Sisterfriends (YSF) was founded by a diverse group of everyday women seeking to support, inspire, and encourage other women and to build a strong network of women and resources across the country. Our events, workshops, trainings, products, and live experiences are all designed to empower women, promote sisterhood and help women to live their best life!

The Sisterfriends Network seeks to: 1) Help women build their confidence and self-esteem; 2) Help women to realize their true worth and value; 3) Help women bond and celebrate sisterhood;4) Help women unleash their unique gifts and talents into the world in a BIG way; 5) and Inspire women to follow their dreams by providing examples of everyday women who are living their dreams and accomplishing their goals.





Founders: Toni Cunningham, “The Amazing” Tei Street, and Tamara Hartley

Your Sisterfriends Day of Empowerment

Speakers and Presenters:

Your Sisterfriend Tamara Hartley
Author, Motivational Speaker, Advice Columnist, and Life Coach Specializing in Personal Success and Achievement

Tamara Hartley has addressed professional audiences across the country and inspired many as the opening speaker for world-renown motivational speaker Les Brown. Tamara helps and empowers women to accomplish their goals and achieve personal success in their life, relationships and careers.

Workshop: Find Balance, Make Moves, and  Live Your Dreams! – Having overcome many obstacles and setbacks, Tamara knows first-hand what it feels like to have to put your dreams on hold and your ideas on the back burner. Her message to women across the country is that with the right balance, support, determination, and ACTION, all dreams are possible!

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Your Sisterfriend Linh Ta
President OCA Columbus (Asian Pacific Americans), Educator, and Community and Health Advocate

Linh Ta is an active community and health advocate. She is the presiding president of OCA-Columbus, and sits on the national board of OCA. OCA is one of the few Asian-American advocacy organizations that has its national office headquarters in Washington, D.C. OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates.

Workshop: I am Beyond – Living Life Beyond Race, Ethnicity and Circumstances! – Linhhas a unique and personal message to share with women across the country. She challenges women to see and be beyond the color of their skin, race and ethnicity, life situations, and any other perceived limitations that prevent them from being bold and confident and letting their light shine.

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Your Sisterfriend Brandi Záhria Mercado
Principal of Suludance For Life, Health and Wellness, and Women’s Advocate 

Brandi Záhria Mercado is the principal of Saludance, a health and wellness organization that seeks to combat obesity, type 2 diabetes in women through dance by combining movement, salsa dance, and wellness education for life-changing results.

Workshop: SHINE! – Shine in everything that you do and don’t allow anyone to devalue you! Get ready to let your personal style and energy SHINE through! In this interactive workshop, Brandi has combined her love of salsa dance and personal development. As she teaches you some basic salsa moves, she is also teaching important life lessons and principles that help you to SHINE, not only on the dance floor, but in your life as well.

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Your Sisterfriend Tei Street
Author, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Advocate

Professionally known as The “Amazing” Tei Street, Tei Street is an author, national speaker and trainer. Tei has over 25 years of experience in higher education, curriculum development and training in sexual assault prevention, domestic violence prevention and advocacy.

Workshop: Passion and Purpose – Discover Your Passion and Live On Purpose! – Passion and purpose go hand-in-hand and there is no greater joy than knowing what you have been put on this earth to do and doing it! Tei is a living example of someone who has discovered her passion and lives on purpose. Her goal is to help other women uncover their passions, identify their God-given gifts and talents, and to live out their purpose in a BIG way.

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Your Sisterfriend Sandra López
Co-founder of Latinas in Ohio: Facing Challenges and Taking Action, Advocate for Latinos and Women Issues

Born, raised, and educated in the Dominican Republic, Sandra Lopez is the co-founder of Latinas in Ohio: Facing Challenges and Taking Action, a community-based program which offers a secure space where Latinas can share their experiences, acknowledge the obstacles they face, take action and identify leaders.

Workshop: Letting Go, Moving On, and Moving Up  – Recognize Your Allies! – Too often we focus on our haters, and not on our allies, those who support us and can help us along our journeys and help get us to our next level of success. Sandra reminds each of us that people come into our lives for reasons and seasons. As you develop and grow, it is important that you recognize your allies and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

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Your Sisterfriend Toni M. Cunningham
Principal of Image Anú , Image Consultant, Personal Brand Manager, and Personal Development  Strategist

Toni M. Cunningham is the principal of Image Anú a boutique firm specializing in brand development, image building and style consultations. With more than 15 years of experience, Toni has always had an eye for fashion and a desire to help women build their self-confidence and self-esteem by making them look and feel their best.

Workshop: You GLOW Girl – Igniting Your Personal Power to Live Your Dreams! – Toni’s message inspires women to live their dreams by recognizing and celebrating their uniqueness and identified self-worth. It is also a message rooted in the importance and power of sisterhood and how when we GLOW, we allow others around us to GLOW as well, creating a powerful collective that can change the world.

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