The Day of Empowerment National Tour is designed to strengthen communities across the country by strengthening and empowering women.  Women will receive information, tools, strategies, and support to find their unique balance, build their confidence and self-esteem, and help them to discover their passion and purpose. In addition, women will learn how to maximize their unique gifts, talents, strengths and abilities to accomplish their goals and live their best life!

Each Day of Empowerment will take place on a Saturday from 10 AM – 3 PM. The day will be jam-packed with activities, motivating and transformational  speakers, hands-on workshops, panel discussions, fabulous networking, light and healthy refreshments, and FUN!


What Makes the Day of Empowerment Different?

This is not your typical women’s conference where you come to listen to people talk and take notes. This is a day with Your Sisterfriends! The Day of Empowerment is designed to be inspirational, interactive, informative and fun. Our innovative concept features several mini-workshops, which we like to call “shots” (short and powerful). Each workshop is designed to inform and challenge you and propel you to new heights. You will laugh, dance, and maybe even learn a new language! There will be exhibits and give-a-ways. You will have the opportunity to meet and network with other women and to become part of a powerful national network. But most importantly, you will leave the day empowered and equipped with real strategies and tools that you can implement that day to begin making positive changes in your life.

The Day of Empowerment is designed for women of all races and cultural backgrounds!

Workshops will cover a combination of the following areas to ensure participants a unique and well-rounded experience: 

• Self-Love/Self-Worth/Self-Esteem                                      • The importance of Sisterhood and Friendship

• Confidence/Assertiveness                                                  • Identifying Your Allies

• Discovering Your Passion and Purpose                             • Personal Brand/Image

• Uncovering Your Gifts, Talents, Skills and Abilities          • The Importance of Investing in YOU

• Health and Wellness                                                           • Renew, Refresh, Reinvent, Restart



In every market Your Sisterfriends will collaborate with a local Host Sisterfriend to engage the community and enhance participation.

This Host Sisterfriend will help coordinate event and also present an empowering workshop. The Mistress of Ceremonies will also be a local media personality. The mini shots of Yoga and Zumba throughout the day will be facilitated by local professionals. In addition, a portion of ticket and advertising sales in each market will go to a local organization that benefits and supports women.


*We will also seek to start a local chapter of Your Sisterfriends in each market for ongoing support and networking.


Empower [em-pou-er] : to give power or authority to; authorize, to enable; give positive assurance, confirming authority, give permission to deviate from the rule and convention; give exceptional freedom; to promote the self-actualization or influence of; to affirm

If you are interested in becoming a Host Sisterfriend and hosting an event in your city, or being a part of your city’s local team, please contact us!